Grants Given by the Foundation

Since 2006 the Seneca Educational Foundation has provided the funding for a wide variety of educational and enrichment projects at Seneca School.  The SEF is proud to have awarded over $116,252 in equipment and other programming since its inception.  These are all items that teachers request as the regular school budget cannot accommodate them.  A huge "Thank You" to the community!  Without your generous donations, it would not be possible to enrich our students' lives in this way.


YEAR  ITEM                                       

2015  Chromebooks for the class of 2018

      Donation to partially fund a tuba for the music department

      Counceling curriculm for grades Kindergarten thru 1st

      Donation towards the Reality Check program

2014  Donation towards the AP Government & Politics - high school trip to Washington DC 

      Donation towards Spanish Club trip to Flordia

      8 CPR mannequins

      Television & DVD player to replace a worn out one for the Kindergarten room

      Drum Set for the band program

      Donation towards the 12th annual Reality Check program



2013  4 CPR mannequins for student training

      A week-long creative drama workshop

      TV & DVD player to replace old one for the PreK

      Instrument for the band program

      Donation towards the 11th annual Reality Check program

      Video camera to be used in the Video Production class


      Chromebooks for all high school students


2012  Elementary Reading Program, Kindle

      AP Government & Politics - high school trip to Washington DC

      Gym Stage Curtain Valance

      Elmo Document Camera (5) - Elementary

      Tech devices - Kindle Fire(10), Apple iPad(5), Chromebook(5) with covers

      Little champ basketball backboards and ladder



2011  Agriculture Department greenhouse benches  

      Rock Project for third grade                

      Snowshoes - 3rd-8th grade physical fitness  

         after school enrichment

      Smart Boards (2) and Smart Response System 

      DVD/VCR recorder combo (est.)              

      Trip to Experimental Aircraft Association  

         educational program in Oshkosh

      Video Production Equipment for High School 

         video production class (estimate)

      Elementary Interactive Musical Performance  

         by Hans Mayer



2010  "Journeys" reading curriculum K-3rd grade  

      Elementary Library shelving                 

      Replacement battery for the defibrilator   

      PATHS guidance curriculum for Kindergarten 

      Accessories for Smartboards                 

      Cameras for the elementary classrooms      

      AP Government trip to Washington, D.C.     

      Presentation remote                        

      Buzzer system



2009  Flash drives for teachers, K-12th grade    

      Microscope for Elementary                   

      Group Rug for Elementary                   

      Digital Picture Frame, K-12th grade        

      Art Department - wire & tools, K-12th      

      Smart Board Set - K-12th grade             

      Smart Boards - $4,961.15 from fundraiser   

          and $366.85 from general fund

      Art Department Printer/Copier - K-12th



2008  IMC (library) renovations - K-12th         

      IMC (library) carpeting - K-12th           

      Art Department stools - K-12th             

      Guidance Department mentoring program, K-12



2007  Computer Projection System, High School    

      School Flower Box - K-12th grade



2006  Dual DVD/VCR player - elementary grades    

      National Honor Society - High School       

      A.P. Government & Politics - High School   

      Business Class School Store - K-12th