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Seneca Lions Peace Poster Contest

"Share Peace” is the theme for this year's Lions Club International Peace Poster Contest.  The Seneca Lions Club sponsored this event for the 6th grade students in Marlys Oldenburg's Language Art class at Seneca Middle School. Through this contest, the students were encouraged to visually depict their 
interpretation of the contest's theme without using any slogan.  The students were also asked to write what peace meant to them placed on the back of their posters to give the judges a better understanding of their visual representation of the theme.
These are some of their responses: 
"Peace is about countries that are in war need to stop fighting.  We need to share peace so that we don’t have wars.” 
“Different races need to work together as a team to hold the balance of the world together.” 
“We need to share in peace no matter the color of your skin or where you live.” 
The posters are on display in the hallway of the Seneca Middle School. The following prizes were awarded by the Seneca Lions representative Bob Chambers: 
1st place $20 -  Hannah O’Connell 
2nd place $15 -  Ashton Swanson 
3rd place $10 -  Storie Recker 
4th place $5   -  Brock Wall 
Honorable Mention – Kane Groom 
The Seneca District would like to thank the Seneca Lions Club for sponsoring this contest and the generous monetary prizes.

-By Marlys Oldenburg