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The First Snowfall

Each year Mr. John Lynch, a retired teacher, challenges the students in Mrs. Payne’s classroom at Seneca Schools to learn one of his favorite memorized poems, “The First Snowfall” by James Russell Lowell.  This year the entire class learned the poem.The first to learn the poem were Sarah Allen, Jack Gallagher and Livian Starkey. The other medal winners were, Garret Baker, Greg Boland, Maya Buffington, Thomas Caya, Kylie Chambers, Dawson Davidson, Reggie George, Skylette Gilbertson, Gabriel Hamann, Zoey Jelinek, Brenden Kuhnke, Owen Oppriecht, Ben Payne, Briar Routt,Ava Sime,Hayven Smethurst, Tucker Stlulka, Elizabeth Wright.  He awarded each child with a trophy or medal with the title of the poem on it, their name and the year that they learned it.  The children are encouraged to recite the poem throughout their life on the first snowfall of every year. The class also were treated to a pizza party for everyone meeting the challenge of learning the poem.