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Second Harvest

The Second Harvest Foodbank’s mobile food pantry will come to 212 Main Street in Gays Mills on Wednesday, March 22. Registration will begin at 1:30 p.m. and food distribution will be from 2 to 3 p.m. Patrons do not need to meet income guidelines but they must initial a sheet indicating that they need food assistance. They also need to provide the check-in volunteer with the number of people (including children and senior citizens) in the household and the name of their local post office. First time patrons will be asked how they learned about the mobile food pantry. 
People should bring sturdy bags, boxes, or baskets to hold the food they receive. Volunteers will assist by carrying food to vehicles as needed. Patron service statistics were lower than normal in February. That month food was provided to 139 households. February 2016 had the smallest number of patrons for that year with only 138 households seeking assistance. More significant was the reduction in total people served last month. In 2016, the mobile pantry provided food to an average of 349 people per month; in February, the served households included a total of 288 people. Those households included 56
children and 117 seniors. Recipients came from twenty communities in three counties. 
Call Lorraine Fortney at 735-4690 or Cindy Kohles at 872-2184 if you have questions.