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Upcoming Forward Exam

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Wisconsin Students in Grades 3- 8 and 10 will be participating in the Forward Exam assessment during the March 20 th – May 5 th testing window. The students in the Seneca School are scheduled to take the Forward Exam assessment during this time. The Forward Exam assessment tests students in the areas of ELA (English Language Arts), Math, Science, and Social Studies. One or more subtests may be administered daily during the identified time frame and it is very important that your son or daughter be in school during this time. Students not in school on the scheduled testing days will be scheduled for a make-up test prior to the close of the testing window.

Enclosed is an Informational Brochure for Families which gives more information about the assessment including its purpose, what scores will be provided, and how the scores will be used. The Forward Exam assessment measures the knowledge and skills your student(s) should have acquired by the time they reach each grade level. Their performance on the assessment will not affect any of their current grades. Please encourage your son or daughter to take the test seriously and do the best they can. The results of these tests will be used to help school staff make determinations or placement in classes to best support your child.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. David Boland (District Administrator) at 734-3411 ext. 151 or Mrs. Janet Kilburg (District Assessment Coordinator) at 734-3411 ext. 122.

Thank you,

David Boland                            Janet Kilburg
District Administrator              District Assessment Coordinator

Sarah Sime,
Mar 20, 2017, 6:09 AM
Sarah Sime,
Mar 20, 2017, 6:04 AM