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Art Classes Compete in Cardboard Sled Competition

The Seneca High School Art classes had a fun and creative February designing, making and racing cardboard sleds. The sleds were a collaborative effort from teams of students who had to design a sled that was creative as well as functional.  Getting the sled to go down the hill was important as well as making it a unique and artistic creation.  Teams designed sleds with themes from Star Wars, Crocogators- meaning part alligator, part crocodile, Sponge Bob and Crayons, just to name a few.  The race was conducted when weather conditions were perfect with just the right amount of snow on the hill. The student body was able to come out to watch the event and most sleds made it successfully to the bottom of the hill.  Art teacher-Cody Sime did the official measurement for distance and was very pleased with art student’s designs and collaborative efforts during the project.