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Career Day at Seneca

Seneca Middle and High School students had the chance to talk to many community members and alumni who took time out of their busy schedules to share their own experiences in their chosen careers at the recent career fair held on March 31st. Many of the nearly fifty speakers were graduates of Seneca High School.  Students had many opportunities to hear about what it takes to get started in certain careers and what it is like when you are actually working in the careers.  Careers featured included a wide variety from Entertainment, Agriculture, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Health and Medicine and Law Enforcement.  There were also two panels that featured recent graduates who are currently experiencing college or tech school or starting out in their chosen careers. Keynote speakers for the day talked about how to prepare yourself for a job interview and how to take what you have learned in high school to pursue your future career goals.  Thanks to Mrs. Kayla Chambers, Mrs. Amy Oppriecht and Mrs. Mona Jones and the many alumni and community members who helped to make this day possible.