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Reality Check Puts Life in Perspective

The Seneca Class of 2017 had a chance to get a little taste of what life after high school could be like at the Annual Reality Check held at PDC High School on April 5th.  Each student who participated is given a job that matches their interests, a family situation and a lifestyle.  They need to navigate through booths that simulate real life events including budgeting money for living expenses that include rent or buying a house, buying groceries and clothes and what might be left over for entertainment. They also encounter some chances of fate along life’s way including health issues and unexpected expenses. Students must learn to navigate through life’s obstacles and successes.  When the day is done hopefully students have a better understanding of some of the challenges that life may present in the future.  Thanks to Mrs. Mona Jones and the many volunteers who help to make this event possible every year for Seneca and area students.