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The Seneca Cafeteria has a new look!

neca School received a grant from Healthy Roots of Crawford County to enhance their lunchroom. Research shows that improving visibility, increasing convenience and enhancing expectations of healthy foods in the lunchroom encourage students to choose and eat more healthy foods!
With the money received from the grant Michelle highlighted fruits and vegetables on the lunch line by purchasing new display containers for the garden bar and a fruit basket.  In addition, a display sign was purchased to highlight daily meal options, which was placed outside of the cafeteria.  This was meant to promote the great selections at school breakfast and lunch.  Last but not least, Mr. Sime and Michelle worked together to create a fun environment that promoted healthy eating in the lunchroom.  Mr. Sime’s art students created a collage of super hero fruits and vegetables which had the students looking at fruits and vegetables in a whole new way!
Healthy Roots of Crawford County promotes healthy living across the lifespan for all residents.  For more information about Healthy Roots visit tinyurl.com/healthyroots .