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Grandparent's Day in Mrs. Oldenburg & Mrs. Payne's Room

To celebrate National Grandparent’s Day in September, Mrs. Miriam Oldenburg and Mrs. Marci Payne’s 

Grandparent's Day

students invited their grandparents to share about yesteryear, read  a book, or demonstrate a hobby or skill.  What special times we had with the grandparents sharing detailed, first-hand knowledge and history with us. Many of the grandparents shared some advice with the children.

Be yourself, be kind! Get an education! Terry & Beth Boland (Carson & Rita Sime)

Don't treat anyone different than you would want to be treated yourself. Deb & Rodney Aspenson (Zoey Aspenson)

Love your teachers! Lorie & Leonard Dilley (Conner Pfaff)

Be good to your teachers. They make a difference in your life. Try to love school & life. To have a friend, be a friend! Brad & Debra Smrcina (Robbie Dowd)

Never quit learning! Pam Lorenz (Gage Lorenz)

Laugh everyday! Pay attention in school! Ed & Beth Hafley (Zoey Aspenson & Robert Hagensick)

Enjoy your grade school years and be good to your grandmas & grandpas! Darryl Martin (Natalie & Claire Wright)

Enjoy your school days, they go by quickly! Sue Boland (Camryn Lenzendorf)

LISTEN to your teachers! Don't go in deep water! Jim & Peggy Gallagher (Max Gallagher)

Pick a job you like doing! Greg & Sue Bailey (Raya Wallin)

Be responsible, considerate & nice. Listen to your parents. Linda Groom (Franky Groom)

Don't lie, tell the truth. Listen to your parents & teachers. Don't do something if you don't think its right. Ruth Bauers (Hayden Alvarado)

Be good & listen to the teachers! Marilyn Krall (Dominic Ready) 

Always be kind, study hard & do your best! Cathy Boland (Mikayla Foley)