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STEM Summer School

STEM Summer School, which was held August 15th through August 19th, was a great success.  The week long class concentrated on activities that explored the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  Students from sixth, seventh, and eighth grade participated in many different activities.  Some of the activities included building and launching CO2 cars, programming a 3D printable name tag, and exploring the science behind making ice cream with coffee cans.  After baking homemade brownies and participating in a fraction activity, we found out that brownies and fractions do mix!  Due to a generous donation from the Seneca Education Foundation, the class was able to program SPRK/Spheros (programmable robots) and enjoyed exploring a new way of learning with loops and variables through trial and error.  The Foundation also helped sponsor a new adventure that we had this summer.  We had the opportunity to take the students on a tour of Filament Games, and educational games company in Madison.  By talking to Filament employees, the students learned about the skills and education needed for careers in a growing industry of game design.  Thanks to the generous contributions of money and time from many different people, and a fantastic group of students, our week was lots of fun and very successful!