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Summer Trap League

The Seneca FFA hosted a summer clay target league through Outback Shooting Sports in Seneca, WI. Outback Shooting Sports is owned and operated by Dave Benzing. The three schools competing in the league include Boscobel, Prairie du Chien, and Seneca which brought the league total to 15 students.
The competition lasted the duration of three weeks with the final competition Tuesday, Aug 16th. While everyone who took part gained something from the experience, the honors went to:

1st place-Brandon Eick, Seneca

2nd place-Drew Brown, Boscobel

3rd place-Noah Wagner, Boscobel

4th place-Wyatt Bausch, Seneca

We would like to thank the many athletes, coaches, and parents from Boscobel, Prairie du Chien, and
Seneca for making this event come together. A special thank you to Dave Benzing and Jeff McCullick for implementing this new opportunity! Congratulations on a job well done!