Due to the recent days off, we have used many of the snow days that were built into the calendar, and are now starting to use the days that were set aside for Spring break (beginning April 12).  

In the near future we may have "virtual learning days" instead of a day off, in the event of a snow day.   Virtual learning days will prevent us from making those days up later in the year.

We have explained to the HS and MS classes (grades 6-12) what is expected of them. Those grade levels will be expected to participate virtually (Google meets or Zoom) during the time frame their classes would regularly be held.  Teachers will have prepared instruction for the students. Students who do not have good internet can email their teacher, and receive instructions from them. We will keep attendance, and students in those grades will be held accountable for being there. 

In the elementary, teachers will send home packets to supplement what they are doing in class. They may also present information online, for those who can log in and participate.  You can look forward to information from your child's teacher, at the elementary level.  

If we do a virtual learning day, we will send out a separate message to students and parents, in order to make them aware of our intentions that day. We will only do virtual learning days when teachers have the opportunity to prepare instruction, so not all days off will be virtual learning days. Please let us know if you have questions.