October 2010

"Hi (SEF Board President) Frank!

Bless your heart and those of the others involved for the work that you do for the children of the Seneca Schools. We're proud to be a part of it...Keep up the good work, Frank!"

Anna Marie (McCullick) Crogan

June 2011

"I have attended Seneca Schools my entire life. I can remember each teacher by first and last name...I have great memories of the experiences that the...staff allowed me to have...such as Mrs. Payne reading us great books after recess every day, having nap time with Mrs. Benish, Mr. Ellefson handing out packs of gum for correct answers, Mrs. Stuckey encouraging us to join Battle of the Books, Mr. Hamann being able to give us an answer to virtually any question our minds could conjure, Ms. Nelson challenging us with equations we never thought possible, or Mrs. Connors allowing us to put our own thoughts into the school newsletter These are all memories and experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today...I am very thankful for the scholarship and will be using it to help fund my education..."

Brandon Johnson

June 2011

"I am writing to express my appreciation for the SEF grant that was approved for the purchase of 24 "Smart Response" remotes to complement the Smartboards in the Seneca School District...This was my first SEF grant request, and I very much appreciate being approved for the grant, as well as all of the other work the foundation does on behalf of Seneca Schools. This is the type of item that would be impossible to fit into my normal classroom budget. Despite the small size of our district, student access to technology is excellent compared to even much larger schools. This purchase will continue to give our students access to the newest technology. Thank you once again."

Gary Hamann, Seneca Science Teacher

June 2011

"I was honored to receive the Seneca Educational Foundation Scholarship from your organization. I wish to express my thanks to you and your organization for your generosity. Please extend my thanks to the entire scholarship committee and all those connected with the selection process...I want to thank you for making this scholarship possible and for your generosity...thank you for investing in my future."

Jennifer Aspenson