SCRIP Order Form | SCRIP Cards on Hand!

Exciting News!! The Seneca Parent/Teacher Program has enrolled our school in the Great Lakes Scrip Program. What is the Great Lakes Scrip Program (GLSP) It’s an easy way to make money for our school by just shopping. How it is set up? You purchase gift cards to any participating store (Wal-Mart, Cabela’s, Target, Old Navy, etc.) from the school. Then the Seneca Parent/Teacher Program will order the gift cards from the GLSP at a discounted price and the difference goes to our school. Since we all have to buy groceries and clothes, why not buy with gift cards instead of using cash/check? We are planning to use the money at this time toward a new playground in the elementary and update our middle school/high school science lab. How do I order? Attached to this is an order form with the different stores and the percentage that goes to the school, all you have to do is fill it out and attach a check (checks made payable to the Seneca Parent/Teacher Program) or cash with the order and drop it off at the school or call Kayla Chambers/Rachael George to pick it up. 

There are many stores that participate in this program. I picked most of the participating stores in the LaCrosse and PdC area to be included on the order form. However, if there are any stores that you like to shop at or buy gift cards for that are not listed, please contact us to see if they participate in this program. Please place phone number and entire name on the order form, so we can contact you when gift cards arrive. Your gift cards should arrive within 10-14 days of ordering.

Completed order forms and checks should be submitted before the 7th of each month. You can either drop your order form off at the Seneca School District Office or call Rachael George to pick the order up. Checks can be made payable to Seneca Parent/Teacher Program. This program will work for our school if we all pitch in together.

Thank you for your support.